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As a child, I (Tony Hawes, Founder of Autotronix) had a huge interest in cars which is where my journey began; the personality portrayed by different models, the power of a car’s engine, endless modifications and enhancements that can be made to suit the driver which all fall under the beauty of automotive design. As I grew older, I knew my career passion resided within the car industry which led to the setup of Autotronix, the vehicle electrics and accessories fitting service, in 1991. Car audio makes people feel good. I think that when a car becomes personalized to the driver’s preferences, the sound, feel and look of the car is always satisfying. When making an installation to the customer’s car as opposed to simply selling products, their experience with us is more interpersonal and this is very important in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why Autotronix?

  • Established Since 1991
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Only quality branded products
  • Expert installations provided by our team
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Professional quotes and advice

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