The Benefits of Van & Car Trackers

According to UK Crime Statistics, there were 108,542 incidents of vehicle theft in England and Wales reported in 2021/2022. Were you a victim of those crimes? Possibly you had your vehicle broken into, or maybe it was stolen altogether, and you haven’t seen it since. The vast majority of vehicle crime is preventable with the right safety measures. Upgrading the alarm system and fitting a car tracker system, for example, will help you to protect your car.

A vehicle tracker is especially useful in the fight against crime. If you value your car, van, or any type of vehicle and want to give it a higher level of security, consider fitting a car tracker system and you’ll reap all of these benefits.

A quick summary of the benefits of installing a tracker for your car or van is:

  • Nationwide Support For The Police
  • Mainland UK Guard & Recover
  • 48 Hour Recovery
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • European Tracking Available
  • Movement Alerts
  • Battery Disconnect Alerts
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • European Tracking
  • Anti-GSM/GPS Jamming

Instant Notification If Your Vehicle Is Moving

Many tracker systems incorporate movement sensors which activate if the vehicle moves without your consent which is an early warning device. This is an early warning device. A signal is sent to a control centre where security staff are sat waiting ready to monitor the situation. Upon receiving the signal, they will notify the owner to confirm whether they are with the vehicle or not. If a situation arises, and it quickly becomes apparent that the vehicle has been stolen, the tracker will continue to monitor the movement of the vehicle giving the exact location at all times.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Trackers work in live time so you know exactly where your vehicle is once it has been reported stolen. A continual progress update is provided at all times, so you’ll know when your vehicle is on the move, and when it comes to a standstill. Modern trackers work whether the vehicle is being driven, on the back of a trailer, hidden in a garage, or shut away inside a shipping container. The signal continues to work regardless so you can plot its course during any unauthorised movement. Our range of trackers now comes with technology to fool and thieves who try and jam the GPS & GSM signals.

Precise Location Tracking

One of the biggest advantages of tracker systems is the ability to pinpoint the precise movements of your car and establish when and where the vehicle has stopped. The moment you see the vehicle in a stationary position you can notify the local police and take the necessary steps to have the vehicle recovered.  Trackers give you ‘eyes’ on the vehicle no matter where it ends up in the country.

Security Guards Can Be Sent Until Recovery Is Arranged

Certain tracker systems, like the SmarTrack for example, allow the security centre (who are responsible for monitoring the movements of the car) to send a security guard to its location once it comes to a halt. They will wait with the vehicle until recovery can be arranged, so you know it will be safeguarded until it is back in your possession.

Systems Have Their Own Battery Backup

You won’t have to worry if your battery is disconnected when your vehicle is stolen if it is fitted with a SmarTrack Alert24 tracker system. This reliable tracker system comes with its own backup battery, and it also notifies you if the main battery has been tampered with.

It’s a Physical Deterrent to Thieves

If people are aware your car is fitted with a tracker device they are less likely to steal the vehicle. Place a sticker in the window displaying a ‘tracker fitted’ notice and this should be enough to put most thieves off. Think about this from their position. If they have a choice of two similar cars to steal, one fitted with a tracker and one without, which option do you think they’d prefer? They will be more inclined to steal the easier option, so fitting a tracker makes a great deal of sense.

Want to Protect Your Vehicle? Fit It With A Tracker Device!

With vehicle crime on the rise and the genuine risk of never seeing your car again if it is stolen, there’s never been a better time to have a tracker installed. We can assist you with this here at Autotronix. Simply contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote or call us to discuss the trackers we have for sale on 01908 785 490.