Essential Car Security Tips For This Winter

For many people, your car is the second most expensive purchase they will ever make, second only to your house. Due to this, it makes sense to invest in improving the security of your vehicle, whether it is a car, motorbike or a van. Just think of how much of inconvenience it would be to have your vehicle or the contents within it stolen, even if your insurance covers some of the expenses.

The winter months are prime time for car theft, mainly due to the shorter days and financial motivation for criminals around this time of year. As it’s better to be safe than sorry, we have put together a selection of tips to help you keep your car secure this winter:

Install a Vehicle Tracker

Car trackers are becoming more commonplace for car owners, especially if your car is of significant value. This will allow you to remotely monitor the location of your car, so if the worst was to happen and your car was stolen, you can track where it has been taken to. Using GPS technology, trackers give you peace of mind that you can always monitor your vehicle.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A large percentage of vehicle crime is opportunistic, which means that thieves look for the easiest and most obvious target. Leaving any type of valuables in your car makes it highly vulnerable to thieves, so make sure that you take any personal belongings with you when you leave your car or lock them away out of sight. Locking your vehicle in a garage overnight is also one of the best ways of maximising the security of your car, this will also bring down the cost of your insurance.

Opt For Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are a useful means of enhancing the security of your vehicle. Making it much harder for would-be thieves to peer into your car, therefore, acting as a deterrent. Tinted windows have other advantages, such as improved energy efficiency and a stylish appearance. You should always ensure that you choose a window tinting specialist as they will be aware of the laws surrounding tinting in order to prevent you from being fined.

Car Alarms

According to the Metropolitan Police, it takes as little as 10 seconds for someone to break into a car and steal any contents. Fitting your car with a top-quality alarm system makes your vehicle less exposed to opportunistic theft, as the last thing that a criminal wants to do is draw attention to themselves.

Install a wheel lock

Installing a wheel lock or wheel clamp system can help keep your car secure, as they are notoriously difficult to tamper with and also act as an immobiliser. One of their main benefits is that they are highly visible, so potential thieves will be easily discouraged from breaking into your car at the sight of a wheel lock.

Speak To Our Vehicle Security Experts

Regardless of which security product you choose, always make sure that your supplier is well-established and sells approved devices. At Autotronix, we take pride in our extensive range of state-of-the-art vehicle security products, including car and van locks, tracking systems, alarms and immobilisers.

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