Top 5 Benefits Of Window Tinting You May Not Know

Contrary to popular belief, car window tinting has more advantages than simply being aesthetically pleasing. It can also provide more security and protection from outside elements. Here’s why.

Cool Interior

We’ve all been stuck in a car on a boiling hot summer’s day – it can be almost unbearable. Not with tinted windows. The tinted film rejects heat and light from the sun and our quality window films can reduce heat transfer by up to 30%, leaving you with a cool, comfortable ride.


Not only does window tinting insulate your car against heat and light; it can also protect from up to 98% of ultraviolet rays. This not only safeguards you and your family’s health but also protects your car’s interior. The colour of your dashboard, seats and carpets can fade over time with repeated exposure; a window tinting film can help them last longer.


It’s a very little known fact that tinting your car windows can also provide added safety if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a collision. The film coating strengthens the glass so that if it is smashed for any reason, it will hold together and not disintegrate into small shards as seen with normal glass. This makes it a lot more difficult to break in through the windows too.

Reduced Glare

If you’re driving in bright sunlight, glare can be a very serious problem and cause dangerous restrictions to your view. Tinted windows are one of the best solutions for this – they drastically reduce glare and brightness, allowing you to drive more safely and providing your passengers with added comfort and no need for constant squinting.

Add Value

If you eventually decide to sell your vehicle, tinted windows can significantly increase the value due to all the advantages mentioned here. With added protection from the brightness and UV rays, increased security, privacy and of course an enhanced appearance, many people are willing to pay more for a car with tinted windows.

So what are you waiting for? If we’ve convinced you that tinted windows are for you, here’s why Autotronix is the place to come for window tinting across Luton, Bedford and Milton Keynes. We only use the best quality film to ensure that the effect doesn’t fade and when you come to us, we’ll provide a lifetime guarantee for all our work. Our experienced team would be happy to talk through any queries you may have about the process, so for more information, contact us online today.