Why You Need to Upgrade Van Locks

Did you know you can purchase van keys on websites like e-Bay which can easily be reprogrammed to open your van? More worryingly, sophisticated scammers are using cloning methods to ‘grab’ the code sent by electronic keys and they can easily copy the signal afterwards to gain access to commercial vehicles.  Once they have access it doesn’t take much to programme a new electronic key using transponder cloning equipment. This is obviously worrying, but one way you can fight back and ensure your commercial remains in your possession is to fit a new set of van locks to prevent this type of crime.

Benefits of Van Locks

Fit aftermarket locks to your van and they act as a visual deterrent to thieves. As well as providing a physical barrier, making it impossible for thieves to break into your vehicle they also send out a strong message to criminals. When a thief spots a vehicle fitted with high-security locks they know they have their work cut out. Vehicles are better protected with security van locks and criminals look elsewhere for easier pickings when they are faced with this type of security.

Different Types of Van Locks

There are many different types of security locks you can fit in a commercial vehicle including deadlocks and slam locks, which are two of the most popular options offering a high level of security. Fitted with a deadlock, you can leave your van overnight safe in the knowledge it’s going to be fine during your absence. Slamlocks are great too, especially if you are making deliveries and need to make multiple drops on a frequent basis. When this type of lock is fitted, you need to physically unlock the door every time it is closed, making it the perfect solution for same day couriers or multi-drop parcel delivery drivers.

Who Can Fit Them?  

In order to fit these locks, they must be fitted by an experienced auto locksmith specialist who will help to advise you of the various locks available and match the lock type to the model of the van. This ensures the perfect fit for that particular vehicle, which is something our team specialise in at Autotronix.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Van Locks?

Speak to us here at Autotronix and see how we can be of service to you. If you are worried about vehicle security and want to add an extra level of protection for your van, we have the ideal option for you. All you have to do is contact us today to discuss your van lock requirements or call for more details on 01908 596 108.