Remapping Your Engine: FAQs

Here at Autotronix, we offer engine re-mapping to really help you get the most out of your vehicle’s performance. But despite it being a popular, and relatively simple, modification, many people still do not understand exactly what the process involves. Because of this, we’ve found many questions arise around engine remapping – is it bad for the environment? Is it even legal? We’ve rounded up the most commonly asked questions from our customers here so we can shed some light on the subject.

What Exactly Is Engine Re-Mapping?

In the simplest terms, an engine re-map is a tuning service which allows some of the manufacturer’s restrictions on your vehicle to be lifted, allowing you to enjoy higher performance and fuel economy.

How Do You Do It?

The most common method we use is via the OBD (onboard diagnostics) port, which is your vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting facility. It communicates data to the ECU, which is used to set ignition and fuel supply. When we perform an engine remap, we analyse and alter the data to provide a more efficient engine performance. Because we work on the OBD rather than the ECU itself where possible, we can provide a much less invasive operation which doesn’t involve removing the ECU from your vehicle at all.

Does It Matter If My Car Is Petrol or Diesel?

No, we can perform re-mapping on either, although some turbo diesel engines can expect greater results.

What Effect Will It Have on Fuel Economy?

That really depends how you drive. Many people who undertake a re-mapping do it to increase performance, and if this is the case, you’ll most likely want to make the most of the performance when driving it. This is likely to consume a lot of fuel! However, when you drive economically, you’ll probably find you consume less fuel than you did driving at the same level previously.

How Long Will It Take?

The entire process shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours. This includes one of our technicians taking the vehicle for a test drive before and after the re-map is carried out.

Do I have to come to you?

No. Based in Bedford, we’re happy to travel as far as Milton Keynes, Luton and Northampton to perform an engine re-map.

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