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Metatrak Circles Metatrak Packages

At Autotronix, we supply and fit intelligent Metatrak tracking systems to vehicles for owners looking to increase security and connectivity to their vehicles. The Metatrak systems offer a very sophisticated tracking solution, with all of the latest technology combined into an easy-to-use app. The alarm system includes helpful notifications of alarm activity via the app giving you complete peace of mind. It offers 24/7 monitoring, with live tracking features available via your smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. The smart software allows you to view past journeys and driving scores, all in a convenient and easy-to-use app. You will receive instant alerts if the intelligent Metatrak system detects any unusual activity, such as unauthorised movent, low battery and battery disconnect.

Please find below a selection of packages available to order at Autotronix. Simply call, email or pop in and our experts will take care of everything. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01234 342 300 or by using our online enquiry form.

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