Alpine Hi-Fi Upgrade

Bass Unit: The Alpine bass unit will give extra bass and is an effective upgrade to factory system giving you a noticeable difference to the overall sound. Subwoofer System: Improving the bass in your car, usually means surrendering a lot of trunk space for a subwoofer box.

Alpine solves this problem with the all-new SPC-600G7. This subwoofer system is designed to fit right into the spare wheel compartment. This is an easy, inexpensive way to improve the bass performance and sound dynamics without taking up any trunk space.

Amplifier and Speaker Upgrade: We will install a 4 channel Alpine amplifier with a connection to the original head unit. This will give good vocals and better bass response with no change to the original look of the hi-fi system in the car. By also installing an alpine upgraded speaker system, the vehicle can sound as the recording artist intended.