BMW 1,2,3,4,5,6,x3,x5 Audio Upgrade Platinum Package

BMW Audio Upgrade Platinum Package supplied and fitted by Autotronix.

The car manufacturer designs the audio system output of the amplifier to only play the notes (frequencies) that the inexpensive speakers can play, which means some of the sounds are lost.

By adding the Audison DSP amplifier , it will regain the full music experience, playing all the notes the artist intended.

The AP8.9 bit amplifier was designed by Audison R&D Department to achieve maximum sound quality in OEM integration applications. The powerful management software proves the ability to acquire the bit drive pre sets which the Autotronix team can fine tune specifically for your car.

Thanks to the innovative power supply stage, a power of 520w total can be achieved in an extremely compact case. The non-amplifiable ninth channel can be used to drive a subwoofer via the mono AP1 D amplifier if required.

  • Audison Front tweeter.
  • Audison 4″ front door speakers.
  • Audison 4″ rear door speakers.
  • Audison 6″ under seat subs.
  • 8 channel Audison 8.9f bit amplifier.

This system will transform your listening experience.

Fitted cost £3000