BMW 1,2,3,4,5,6,x3,x5 Audio Upgrade silver Package

BMW Silver Audio upgrade. If you own a BMW, you will be amazed how good your car can sound . Most BMWs come with 6 inch sub woofer under the seat and 4″ speakers that are fitted in the front doors. If your lucky you may have a door tweeter. Because of the way the system is designed the car orginal system could have sounded good but the speakers were under powered and not of the best quality.

  • Dynamate front doors
  • Alpine custom tweeter
  • Alpine custom 4inch front door speakers
  • Alpine custom 6 inch under seat sub
  • Alpine 4 channel amplifier

This upgrade will help the original speakers sound better as the the amplifier in the radio is under powered, even if you replaced the speakers with better ones, you would not get the benefit of how good the speakers would sound because the new speakers would be under powered as well. This system will make the music sound clearer by upgrading the speakers and adding adding a 4 channel amplifier. Dynamate will be added to the front doors making the speakers at front sound better with less vibration from the door panel and also makes the quieter to drive in general . Dynamate front doors. Alpine custom tweeter Alpine custom 4inch front door speakers. Alpine custom 6 inch under seat sub. Alpine 4 channel amplifier. fitted price £999.