Trevor Wemyss

“Had my tints on my Wife’s Evoque fitted by the garage who we bought the car from whom I must point out was not a Range Rover dealership , However the job that was done by others was not done very well and pretty substandard, to say the least , I called into Autotronix who were recommended by Range Rover to see what they could do considering this is an expensive car , They took the time to look it over and gave me their report which confirmed what I thought initially, I booked the car in with them and they proceeded to remove what was fitted by the previous garage and fitted a far superior film which came with a 10 year guarantee and ready when they said it would be for pick up, all I can say for me personally a happy wife means a happy life for me, I had a parrot phone system fitted by them into one of our vans the previous year and had a problem which was my own stupidity however nothing was a bother to them and within the hour was sorted.” –  Trevor Wemyss