Vehicle Tracking Systems

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One of the key features of any vehicle tracking system is that it acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves. After all, it is easier to target a vehicle without such a system fitted to it. At Autotronix, we offer a good selection of vehicle tracking systems, such as the Tracker Monitor product which uses VHF technology and means that in the event that your car is stolen, it is possible for all of the UK’s 52 Police Constabularies to both track and relocate it for you. This system even comes with an alarm sensor which detects if the system is tampered with in an attempt to remove it.

Vehicle Tracking Alarms

Browsing through our vehicle tracking systems, you may also notice products like SmartTrack, which uses GPS technology to pinpoint missing vehicles via a control centre which can alert you or the authorities, if required, and even provide regular updates with detailed mapping screens. Browse a selection of vehicle tracking systems below. Get in touch today to discuss the options available by calling our telephone number or sending an email.

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