Stylish Vehicle Wrapping Services

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Vehicle wrapping is the art of applying a high-quality layer of film to your vehicle. From one flat colour to full printed graphics, you can totally transform and refresh the look of your vehicle without the need for a permanent, costly paint job.

Vehicle Wrapping for Businesses, A professional look for your fleet

Spending hundreds of pounds on newspaper advertisements or website optimization that aren’t yielding results? Wrapping your vehicle doesn’t have to be in just one colour, your company logo, branding and contact details can be printed onto the wrapping film to turn your fleet vehicles into mobile advertising that will last for three to five years, not just months. Every mile you drive or even when parked, your company is being advertised to every road user and pedestrian.

Vehicle wrapping for personal use – Make your car stand out from the crowd

Vehicle wrapping doesn’t necessarily have to be applied to your whole car, you can wrap your bonnet for that high-quality carbon fibre look, get the sporty black top half you’ve been looking for or just tidy up that spoiler you’ve been meaning to get repainted.

The Benefits

Once your vehicle has been wrapped, the paintwork underneath is protected from the elements, stone chips and light scrapes. If part of the wrapping becomes damaged, it can be re-wrapped to an exact colour match – something that’s very trial and error when it comes to respraying paint. Also, if you change your company logo, branding, or just fancy a different colour, the wrapping can be removed within a few hours. Please call for a price for you’re vehicle.

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